Dr’s TABLE オーナー
医師 蘆田 英珠


医師として患者さんと接する中で カラダがSOSのサインを出す前に毎日の「食」を考えて欲しい


当たり前のことだけど 見逃されがちなこと

悪いものを一切使っていない食材のみを使い 目的に合わせ7種類の処方箋サラダをお届けします

Dr. Eiju Ashida
Dr’s TABLE owner / Director of Daikanyama clinic

As a dermatologist, I have been pursuing the concept of health and beauty over 10 years.
Now I am a responsible mother of three children and started to think even more deeply about this topic.
Through my experience consulting with my clients,
I have noticed there is another important point to consider for them, even before they come to see me in person.
The profound importance of making the best choices,
related to dietary health and metabolic well-being,are so frequently over looked and in some cases,
have their importance diminished or, negated completely,
should take top priority with regards to concerns associated with bodily health, weight, and shape.

-Your are what you eat
-Your body changes what you consume
(for example dietary fat, does not necessarily have a direct correlation with body fat,
unless it is consumed with certain other types of nutrition.)

– Each dietary component has it’s own efficacy and will react in varying levels,
based on the amount of consumption, as well as other factors.

These are very simple things but at the same time we forget them easily.
We provide seven, goal targeted, types of salads,
for you to choose based on your personal goals,
as correct nutritional intake is key to attaining and maintaining the body you desire.

Dr’s TABLE が大切にする

  • 安心安全で美味しい野菜

    Delicious organic and sustainably grown vegetables.


    We only select and stock organic and sustainably grown vegetables from organic farms. Many of them are from “KODAWARI FARM”. Please enjoy our tasty body-friendly salad.

  • 安心安全なお肉

    Delicious meat with no risk of medicine


    ・牛肉 EMO牛(宮崎産黒毛和牛)/ オーガニックビーフ(オーストラリア産グラスフェッド)
    ・豚肉 あんしん豚(岐阜県加茂郡)
    ・鶏肉 神山鶏(徳島県産)

    All meat does not use drugs such as antibiotics and hormones chose safe foods such as non-GMO and stuck to the breeding environment.

    ・Beef Beef EMO(Miyazaki Kuroge Wagyu beef) / Organic beef (Australian glassfad)
    ・Pork ANSHIN-buta (Kamo-gun, Gifu)
    ・Chicken Kamiyama chicken (Tokushima)

  • グルテンフリー

    Gluten free


    All ingredients are gluten free (gluten, found in wheat products, is one of the most common causes of food allergies). We only provide gluten free salads and seasonings.

  • カゼインフリー

    Casein free


    Dressings, salads and seasons are all dairy free.

  • ドレッシング



    Our homemade dressings are made with only select ingredients. We choose healthy oil only and we never use products which have trans-fats, such as those found in vegetable fats and oils.